I am a Rhino Intern!

To start I’ll give you a little background about Rhino. Rhino is a multimedia production company that helps connect brands and their audiences through the art of visual storytelling. They provide video production, photography, animation, and design services for their clients.


Working with Rhino has been a huge goal that I have had for a long time, one that I thought that I may never achieve. I’ve been following them for around two years watching all the projects they pump out, each better than the last. Rhino’s work has always inspired me with their creativity and lifestyle. They have inspired me to pursue my true passion, videography. After spending a few years as a Web Designer I began to find that it just wasn’t something I was truly passionate about. Stuck behind a desk staring at lines and lines of code every day, wasn’t something that made me happy. I have always had an interest in videography and photography ever since I was young but was never sure if I was good enough or if I could make a career out of it. Being chosen for this opportunity has already helped me open up creatively and has helped me feel more confident in myself and my skills.


Thank you Rhino!