Using Instagram in 2019

Instagram has been one of the most influential tools I have leveraged to collaborate with others and acquire new work as a freelance photographer and videographer. Although the platform has many positive features it is not without its drawbacks. The first major problem I have run into is deciding whether or not to separate my personal content from more business-related content. Ultimately I made the decision to not separate the two for one main reason being that I did not want to create confusion when someone goes looking for one of my accounts. If they were to see my personal page thinking it was my business or vice versa it could result in me losing out on a potential opportunity. With that in mind, it really changes my approach to content, making me much more intentional with my posts. If I am out doing something cool with my friends and want to post a picture of the brewery I am at or the activity we’re doing I have to make sure the photo is of a quality that I wouldn’t be afraid to show a client.

Additionally, if there is something that I’d like to post about but maybe don’t have my camera or didn’t have an opportunity to get any great shots, utilizing Instagram stories is a great option. Since stories are often less professional I do not need to take the same time and care to craft the image or video. This feature works great when I am on a video or photo shoot and want to post some behind the scenes shots to show people what I am working on and it also works well for keeping my closer friends updated. Using Instagram overall has been super beneficial for me in terms of making connections and getting hired. Having the ability to interact easily with other creators in the area providing genuine comments on posts that resonate with me has lead many actual face to face meetings and other opportunities. Before almost all of our wedding clients found or heard of us by word of mouth but after focusing heavily on tailoring our Instagram content to brides we noticed a massive increase in bookings through the platform itself. Now moving into 2019 over half our inquiries come from Instagram alone.

Social media and the ways in which we use it are constantly changing, and it is only by looking inward at the way we as users take advantage of the platform that we can begin to understand how to relate to one another better and more effectively. Social media is built on the idea of connecting people so whether it is person to person or person to business that should always be the goal.